WUIS Food Initiative

WUIS' Campus & Community Council identified the subject of food as an important changing and needed area of reporting in 2012.  The WUIS Food Initiative provides for community engagement on food issues and reporting on farm, field and fuel.  From seed to plate, from farmer's markets to GMOs, central Illinoisans need to know what they are eating.  In 2013, WUIS joined a consortium of public media in the Harvest Public Media network.  The network provides broader coverage to Midwest food issues and features form WUIS reporter Luke Runyon.

Global demand for food and fuel is rising, and the push and pull for resources has serious ramifications for our country’s economic prosperity.  What’s more, we all eat, so we all have a stake in how our food is produced  In the Midwest, in particular, today’s emerging agenda for agriculture is headlined by climate change, food safety, biofuel production, animal welfare, water quality, and sustainability.  By examining these local, regional and national issues and their implications with in-depth and unbiased reporting, Harvest is filling a critical information void.