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WUIS Radio Information Service (RIS) is a member of the International Association of Audio Information Services and Illinois Radio Information Services Inc.

WUIS provides an information service for people who are print disabled (blind, visually impaired, learning disabled and physically disabled). The service provides a wide variety of programming. Local, area and national newspapers, magazines and books are available to the listeners.

The Radio Information Service is broadcast on a closed circuit sideband channel on WUIS 91.9 FM Springfield, Illinois and WIPA 89.3 FM Pittsfield, Illinois that can be heard on a special radio called a sideband receiver or via an online stream. The receivers are provided at no cost to listeners in central and west-central Illinois. 

Eligible individuals living in central and west central Illinois may apply for the Radio Information Service.  If you would like to apply for a sideband receiver, please submit the Receiver Request Form. If you would like to listen online please submit  Request the Link Form.

A WUIS Radio Information Service program guide is available for our listeners. To obtain a copy of the guide, or for more information about the service contact us at (217) 206-6405.

The information service depends on volunteers to read the various programs. Volunteers are always needed to continue this valuable community service. Sign up to be a Volunteer

To become a volunteer reader contact the RIS director at:

WUIS Radio Information Service
One University Plaza, MS WUIS 130
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: (217) 206-6405

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