Marti Brom

Rosie Flores/Marti Brom

A Rockabilly Tribute to, "The Female Elvis," Janis Martin
September 7, 2013, 8 p.m. - BUY TICKETS NOW!
Show #7

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With a backward glance toward classic country and rockabilly, Marti Brom's music has honed a distinct edge on the contemporary alternative roots scene.  Born in St. Louis, Brom spent her summers in New Orleans, where she absorbed the rich music of the South. With time, Brom began listening to punk and new wave bands like Blondie and Chrissie Hynde. Hynde's early career, in fact, inspired Brom's first attempt to become a singer. She saved her money and flew to England, where she planned on "hanging out" until she was discovered. When she arrived and informed the authorities that she had no idea how long she was staying, they placed her in the Beehive, the airport jail. Brom spent the remainder of the money she had saved for a plane ticket back to St. Louis. Back home, Brom was introduced to country legend Patsy Cline by a high school student named Michael Stipe -- the future lead singer of R.E.M. -- that she'd met at Rocky Horror Picture Show in St. Louis. She also became infatuated with jazz singer Billie Holiday and learned all of her songs. Brom's vocal style and her use of a classic country sound infuses her music with an authentic feel that seems more like the real thing than a throwback to yesterday.


David Landis

Rosie Flores brings her rockabilly style to the Hoogland Center for the Arts Saturday night.  She and Marti Brom will be on stage in the next Bedrock 66 Live music event.  This show will be a tribute to Janis Martin, also known as the "Female Elvis."

WUIS' Sean Burns interviewed Flores about her music background and the latest project:

The show begins at 8 p.m. Saturday and tickets are available.

David Landis

Rosie Flores started a Kickstarter project in 2011 to record, "The Female Elvis," Janis Martin.  Martin died shortly after the sessions.  Flores completed the project and has now released the recording.  Flores has partnered with Marti Brom in a rockabilly tribute to Martin.  They will play WUIS' Bedrock 66 Live Saturday, September 7 at 8 p.m.  

Tickets are available at 217-523-2787 or purchase them online from the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

Watch Flores Kickstarter appeal video below for some background on Martin: