Tim Landis


Amanda Vinicky talks with Tim Landis, Business Editor for the State Journal Register. We'll talk about Illinois' growing, and spreading, wine industry.  And what to do about high-accident intersections.  That and more in this week's Business Report.

You can read the latest stories Landis is working on daily in the SJR. 


A major medical expansion, the retail boom continues in Springfield and we update farmers’ planting progress on this week’s business report with Tim Landis, Business Editor of the State Journal-Register:


This week, Tim Landis of the State Journal-Register discusses the new use for the Maisenbacher House in Springfield, the city’s first major project tied to consolidation of rail traffic and a survey that shows small businesses play an big role in the area’s economy:

Prisons are the economy in Vienna. Just ask Paul Gage. 

At age 82, he’s been mayor of that southern Illinois community of 1,500 for 35 years and is himself a former lieutenant at the nearby Vienna Correctional Center. “We don’t have any other industry,” he says. “They are good jobs at the prisons. People count on retiring from there. They buy cars and they buy houses.”

Mike Cramer

Springfield of all places would seem to have the political and financial clout to command air service. The seat of state government. Centrally located. Home base for the governor, the General Assembly, and assorted associations, lobbyists and state agencies.

Instead, city officials found themselves scrambling early this year to raise $8.2 million in travel pledges on the mere promise of two airlines to consider additional service at Springfield's Capital Airport.