Rich Whitney

Election 2014
11:22 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Green Party Candidates Seek Place on November Ballot

Scott Summers, the Green Party's nominee for Illinois governor in 2014
Credit Illinois Green Party website

  Illinois Republicans and Democrats chose their party's nominees last week. Third-party candidates are working to join them on the November ballot.

Before they can even think about winning a statewide election, independent candidates and those from third parties have to make it on the ballot, which requires collecting at least 25,000 valid signatures, by mid-June.

Green Party candidates are beginning their petition drive.

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Illinois Issues
12:00 am
Wed September 1, 2010

Being Green: Rich Whitney Leads His Third-Party Ticket

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney
Credit WUIS/Illinois Issues

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney says no single event or aha moment solidified his desire to get involved in politics. Rather, he says, it began with a series of questions he started asking himself about issues that are often seen as intractable problems in modern society.

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