Illinois House GOP

Durkin Picks Members of House GOP Leadership Team

Oct 11, 2013

The new Republican leader in the Illinois House of Representatives has named his leadership team.

Western Springs Rep. Jim Durkin is keeping most of the assistants who reported to Oswego Rep. Tom Cross, who left the top position in the chamber to run for Illinois treasurer.

Peoria Rep. David Leitch and Westmont Rep. Patti Bellock will be the chamber's deputy GOP leaders.

Leitch, who is the longest-serving Republican in the chamber, held the same position under Cross.

Democrats who control state government have left the state budget in disarray. They’ve failed to come together on a major public works plan that would put thousands of people to work. They’ve openly talked about impeaching their own governor.

With these examples of discord, you’d think Republicans would be poised to make significant gains in the Illinois General Assembly this November.

Think again.