Illinois Department of Human Services


A state audit has found that Gov. Pat Quinn's administration left behind tractors, a forklift, computers, and confidential patient and employee records when it closed three Department of Human Services facilities.  

The report by Auditor General William Holland says officials failed to follow proper inventory and shut-down procedures when it closed centers in Jacksonville, Rockford and Tinley Park in 2012.  

The audit even found that another department delivered $1,000 worth of bread and juice to the Rockford site 30 days after it closed.  

LINK Card Outage Resolved

Oct 14, 2013

Shoppers in Illinois and 16 other states should be able to use their debit-style food stamp cards after vendor Xerox Corp. restored service following a system outage.  
Januari Smith is spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Human Services. She says people in Illinois began reporting problems using their LINK cards Saturday morning.  

Margie Wade in an undated photograph
Belleville News-Democrat

Since 2003, the deaths of 53 disabled adults were reported to, but not investigated by, the Illinois Department of Human Services - until a newspaper probe shed light on those stories.

 Margie Wade was trapped. She was too weak to move. Even to close her eyes.

The 59-year-old disabled woman, critically ill from severe diabetes, lay unconscious; face down on a plastic mattress cover that adhered to her body so tightly it would have to be cut away. She wore only a shirt.

Dana Heupel
WUIS/Illinois Issues

Elsewhere in this issue, you will find a graphic photograph of Margie Wade taken by sheriff’s deputy a few hours before the 59-year-old woman died in 2003 in a Hillsboro hospital. It is not our normal practice to publish shocking images, and we seriously weighed the pros and cons before I decided to use it because it tells the story of her last moments in a way that words alone cannot.