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FY14 Budget
6:40 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Legislators' Budget Plans Expected To Cut Deeper Than Quinn's

Rep. Greg Harris (D-13), courtesy

Despite years of cuts to the Illinois state budget ... even more are ahead.  Legislators are still deciding where else they can slash spending.


"Human services" is a legislative phrase Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) says covers:

HARRIS: "All the state departments  dealing with health care, senior services, children services, so the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Medicaid, human services, mental health, substance abuse, Department of Aging, DCFS, public health and veterans... "

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Illinois Issues
12:00 am
Sun June 1, 2008

Last Place: Human Service Advocates Hope to Elbow Their Way to Front of Line for New State Funding

Joyce Newman of Jacksonville holds a sign supporting Senate Bill 2256, seeking funding to help children with developmental disabilities receive an education that's not segregated from the rest of the students. She also advocates for affordable housing and wheelchair accessible facilities.
Credit Bethany Jaeger / WUIS/Illinois Issues

Amy Hickman, a single mother of two in central Illinois' Jacksonville, lives with multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair-bound after a car accident. She relies on her home health aides to get her out of bed every day. 

David and Beverly Pryor of Arcola have a daughter, Mandy, with severe autism. She lives in a CILA, or a community integrated living arrangement, in Charleston. But they want the state to fund more CILAs to help clear a waiting list so other children and adults can have the same opportunity. 

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Illinois Issues
12:00 am
Sun June 1, 2008

Editor's Note: Illinoisans have a Moral Responsibility and Reason for Concern

Dana Heupel
Credit WUIS/Illinois Issues

This month, we report on two issues that should make us ashamed as Illinoisans. 

One article illustrates a situation we have a moral obligation to remedy; the other points to a practice that time and again has proved to be irresponsible — and too often criminal. 

On page 16, Statehouse bureau chief Bethany Jaeger writes about how human services always end up last in line for state funding, especially during tight budget years. And on page 24, my Q&A with political scientist Kent Redfield focuses on Illinois' anything-goes system of financing election campaigns. 

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