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Twenty-five years after the landmark federal law, people with disabilities in Illinois still have trouble getting hired.

What do Sangamon County employers see in the year ahead?  The fall economic outlook survey shows they have a positive outlook about their individual business and sector, but not about the overall economy.  As for jobs, nearly half expect employment rates to stay stagnant.  

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The economy has proven difficult for many.  But one group in particular, returning veterans, is finding it especially hard to locate work.  Meredith Colias of Illinois Issues magazine wrote about the problem in the latest edition. 

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The stereotype is familiar — the factory worker who used to earn $19 an hour before his job was shipped to Mexico now earns minimum wage making Big Macs.

All too often, though, it's true. The new millennium has been tough on Illinois workers and their families, as the state's changing economy has seen the loss of thousands of high-paying jobs with good benefits, replaced by new jobs with lower pay and fewer benefits.