Amanda Vinicky

After issuing warnings it may have to close down half its nuclear fleet, Exelon today introduced a proposal it says would keep them open. It signals the start of what's expected to be a long debate over Illinois' energy policy. 

Exelon is one of Illinois' biggest, and most powerful corporations.

Utility regulators say Ameren Illinois needs to lower
its electricity delivery rate in 2014.
The (Decatur) Herald & Review reports (http://bit.ly/1bsYiJy ) the Illinois Commerce Commission says the utility needs to cut its delivery rate by $45
The decision was announced Monday during an annual review and is set to take effect starting Jan. 1.
Ameren officials say they're still reviewing the ruling.    They had planned to lower the delivery rate by $37 million. 

Much like counting calories can sometimes cause people to make healthier food choices, seeing in black-and-white terms how much power you are using may inspire you to use a little less and maybe turn off some lights.
WUIS/Illinois Issues

Illinois’ outdated electrical grid needs extensive work as power demands grow. The state needs all the bells and whistles of new technologies that could make power more reliable and help to cut down on energy usage. And above all, it needs to move forward with the upgrades quickly to avoid eating the dust of other states making such improvements.

So say those backing legislation recently approved by the General Assembly that would allow the state’s two biggest utility companies to raise customers’ rates so they can invest billions in the grid.