Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

3:23 pm
Mon February 2, 2015

Lawmaker Wants To Allow Two Children Per Seatbelt

The current fine for passengers over 8 years old not wearing a seat belt is $25, plus court costs.
Credit Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois law is pretty straightforward: one child, per seat, each with his or her own seat belt. Rep. Mary Flowers, a Democrat from Chicago, wants to change the law for drivers who don't have enough room in their car for each kid. She proposes allowing two children, if they're between the ages of 8 and 15, to buckle into a single seat belt.

"It's a financial burden on a poor family. If they're trying to comply with the law, they should not be penalized because they don't have a bigger vehicle," Flowers said.

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Illinois gets high marks on traffic safety
4:46 pm
Fri January 31, 2014

Illinois Ranks First In Highway Safety, Helmet Laws Aside

Credit flickr/theeggplant

  Illinois ranks first in a nationwide study surveying traffic safety laws. The new report card by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety gave Illinois’ collection of traffic laws a very high grade with just one caveat: llinois does not require motorcycle riders to wear a helmet.

Jackie Gillan, president of the lobbying group, says this is the biggest factor precluding Illinois from a higher grade.

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