Privacy Policy

Because we recognize the importance of privacy to visitors to our website, WUIS does not collect personal information from the WUIS website unless you choose to provide that information to us. 

  • WUIS does not rent or sell personal information from website visitors or its member list for cash to any organization.
  • WUIS does not exchange personal information from website visitors or its member list with any political party or candidate for political office.
  • WUIS does not exchange names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of its members, former members or website visitors with outside organizations.
  • WUIS uses personal information of its members, former members and website visitors only to communicate directly with them.

If you do not want to be contacted by WUIS about programming announcements and membership information, you may indicate this at the time you provide the information. If an "opt-out" option is not offered, or you decide after you have provided this information that you do not want WUIS to contact you, you may also notify us by email.

 An Additional Note to Members Of WUIS 

Membership in WUIS is a crucial source of support, and our relationship with our members is the highest expression of our mutual commitment to the WUIS mission: to be a cultural asset to the communities we serve.

 Because WUIS is part of the University of Illinois, all contributions must be made to the University of Illinois Foundation, the only legally designated recipient for all funds to support any aspect of the University of Illinois on any campus, including WUIS-WIPA. Therefore, the University of Illinois Foundation maintains a list of all donors to WUIS-WIPA and all other components of every campus. Personal information contained in the Foundation's record is used only for University-related business. This information is available only to the University of Illinois Foundation; it is not made available to any third party, including employees of WUIS-WIPA, and is considered completely confidential. Online contributions made with a credit card are secure and verified through VeriSign (more information is available at the time of the transaction).  WUIS-WIPA certifies it meets federal and state law on donor privacy and data security.