"Women & The Right To Vote: Does It Matter?" - Event Thursday

Mar 25, 2014

Angela Winand (left) & Eileen Mackevich

It's been nearly a century since women gained the right to vote through a federal amendment. But there are still lessons to be learned from the suffrage movement, and many women still face inequality. Female lawmakers, historians, and political scientists will convene at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum's Union Theatre in Springfield on Thursday night to discuss the lasting impact of women's suffrage. Issues discussed will include the fight for equal pay and representation in government. Eileen Mackevich, the director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library and Angela Winand who interns there recently joined us to talk about it: 

The event titled "Women and the Right to Vote: Does it Matter?" is Thursday night in Springfield from 6:30 to 8pm. An RSVP is required and it's free to attend. Click here for more information.