Unions Make Last Pitch To Derail Pension Measure

Dec 3, 2013

Union members rallied at the statehouse in January 2013.
Credit npr.org

Illinois unions are working to squelch a plan aimed at
solving the state's $100 billion pension problem hours before an expected vote.
Members of the ``We Are One Coalition'' representing major state unions told a
bipartisan legislative panel Tuesday morning that the $160 billion savings plan
is unfair to retirees.
Dan Montgomery of the Illinois Federation of Teachers says there is ``no
victory in a public policy that will not work.'' He says adjustments to cost of
living increases will diminish the value of retirees' pensions over time.
Illinois has the nation's worst-funded state pension systems.
Legislative leaders announced the agreement last week and the deal is expected
to come up for a vote in the House and Senate on Tuesday.