'Suspicious' Powder Mailed To State Office

Dec 3, 2013

Officials say Gov. Pat Quinn's constituent office in Springfield was evacuated after an envelope with a "suspicious substance" was found.  Testing, however, revealed the substance was baby powder.

Credit wikimedia

The Governor's Office of Constituent Affairs is located near the state Capitol where lawmakers and others were gathered ahead of an expected pension vote.  

Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the envelope was received Tuesday, the office was evacuated and necessary precautions were taken.  

Springfield Fire Chief Ken Fustin says a white powder came out of the envelope when it was opened. Fustin says the content of the letter and substance were determined to be a "legitimate threat," but that further tests revealed it to be baby powder.

"It was a definite intentional act to create fear," Fustin says, adding that the matter is being turned over to the Illinois State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Employees of the office gathered in a stairwell and near the entrance of the building Tuesday and waited for the all-clear to return.