Sangamon County Issues First Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

May 30, 2014

Friday is the first day same-sex couples can get their marriage licenses in Sangamon County.  County Clerk Joe Aeillo says he decided to issue licenses ahead of a new law to accommodate ceremonies taking place this weekend.

Tom and Davyd (signing) Daly get their marriage license.
Credit WUIS/Lee Strubinger

Tom and Davyd Daly of Springfield were the first and only couple waiting in line to get their marriage license when the doors at the county clerk’s office opened at 8:30 this morning.  They’ve been together for more than 20 years, and have been in a civil union since 2011.

But Davyd says one of the main reasons they chose to get married was for legal reasons.  As a married couple, Tom and Davyd are now eligible for various benefits.

Davyd says they've seen an attitude change toward same-sex marriage.

"I can remember back when we met, the idea of being married wasn't even mentioned. It just wasn't even thought of as a possibility," Davyd said.

Under state law, same sex couples can legally get married after June 1st, this Sunday.
Tom and Davyd say they aren't going to hold a wedding ceremony to celebrate their marriage, rather, just grab some breakfast.