Rodney Davis Says "Do Nothing Congress" Criticism Unfair

Aug 19, 2014

Congressman Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville)

Congressman Rodney Davis says despite pundits calling attention to what might be an historic low for passing bills, this congress can point to some key accomplishments. 

"Just a few months ago, we were able to pass a long term farm bill that had been held up by political, partisan purposes," he said.    "That bill also saved taxpayers $23 billion in unnecessary spending, got rid of direct payments and made sure that those who need food assistance are going to get food assistance."

Davis goes on to point out congress approved a water infrastructure package and a temporary extension for the highway trust fund, to ensure construction projects continue.  Still, he admits it's not been perfect.

"It wasn't my first choice.  We need to put together a long term transportation bill in the future," he said.

Davis, who is seeking election to a second term in Illinois' 13th District, blames the Democrat-controlled Senate for the lack of getting something passed to deal with the unaccompanied minors coming into the U.S.  The House approved a plan.

"If this is a crisis, and (Senators) believe its a crisis, they should have passed their own version. They should come back now and pass it so we can come up with a common sense solution."

Davis went on to say he thinks there will be more fallout over the federal health care law if premiums rise this fall.