Rauner's Daughter School Admission Under Scrutiny

Jun 27, 2014

Credit BruceRauner.com

The issue of how Republican Bruce Rauner's daughter got into an elite Chicago public high school has resurfaced in the Illinois governor's race.

Rauner has maintained that he didn't use his money or influence to get a daughter into Walter Payton College Prep in 2008. Initially, she was rejected despite having top grades. Rauner has said his family appealed through a principals' discretionary process.  

However outgoing Chicago Public Schools Inspector General James Sullivan says that's not true. He says that Rauner contacted top CPS officials and the admission status was changed.  
Later, Rauner's foundation made a $250,000 donation to a school initiative.  

The money prompted allegations of clout during the GOP primary.  
Gov. Pat Quinn echoed that Thursday and says Rauner should provide answers. Rauner's campaign didn't return messages.