Quinn Suddenly Ready To Talk Politics, Disses Daley

Jul 17, 2013

Bill Daley, on the left, is a likely primary challenger for Gov. Pat Quinn, on the right in this stitch of separate photos.
Credit Amanda Vinicky

  With Attorney General Lisa Madigan out of the race for Governor,  incumbent Pat Quinn turned his focus to another potential opponent,  Bill Daley.  It's an early indication of the campaign to come.


Republicans have a somewhat crowded field of four candidates hoping to be Illinois' next Governor.

For now, though, Democrats have only two: former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley and Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn had been reticent to speak about his chances in 2014, denying suggestions that his recent, highly-publicized actions to try and tighten gun control and to erase legislators' salaries were designed to help his campaign. 

Earlier in the week, before the Attorney General had made her intentions known, when asked about her, Quinn said "I'm not interested in politics."

But now that Madigan's not running against him, here's Quinn: "We ran in 2010 in a pretty tough environment, won the primary and that's what's going to happen next year too."

Calling himself a "people person" who won't be the "champion of millionaires,” he took a class warfare style jab at Daley, saying "Well, I think I'm quite a bit different than Bill Daley.  He has a better tailor than I do.”

Quinn may dress the part, but Daley says the governor can't get anything done.