Quinn Appoints Panel To Investigate Metra

Aug 15, 2013

Credit commons.wikimedia.org

Gov. Pat Quinn has appointed a 15-member independent panel including former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate fraud and overhaul Chicago-area public transportation.  
The move follows allegations of political hiring at Metra and calls for change at its overseeing board, the Regional Transportation Authority.  
The Chicago Democrat issued an executive order Thursday creating the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force. Quinn previewed the idea last week.  
Members include Metropolis Strategies President and CEO George Ranney and Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider.  
Quinn says the group will issue recommendations that lawmakers will consider later this year.  
Four Metra board members have resigned, following criticism of a buyout of former CEO Alex Clifford's contract. He claims he was pushed out for resisting pressure on hiring and salary issues from politicians.