No Art Classes For Riverton Elementary - Parents Hope To Provide Alternative

Oct 21, 2013

Chanell Bradbury

 Riverton Elementary School is going without art classes for students this year due to cuts in it the district's budget. But there's still hope students may have another option for a creative outlet. Chanell Bradbury's daughter is a student at the Elementary, when she found out that the art classes were being cut to save money, she was disappointed: "I was really, really mad at first. How can an elementary school - of all schools ... how could they drop an art class? These children, their brains, they're just so like sponges."

So Bradbury, herself an artist, decided to take action. She's trying to organize after-school meetings students can take optionally in order to get a supplemental art education. A number of parents and area artists are on board with the plan - though the latest obstacle is waiting for the volunteer teachers to under-go background checks - which can be a costly process says Bradbury. She'd eventually like to have interns from high schools and colleges help as well. There's no word on when Riverton Elementary will once again offer students art classes during the school day.

Bradbury recently joined us for this interview about the plans:

To find out more about the Riverton Art Initiative CLICK HERE. You can also contact Bradbury if you are interested in donating or volunteering -