Memorial's Ed Curtis On Passavant Partnership

Jan 7, 2014

Credit Passavant Area Hospital

Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville could soon be affiliated with Memorial Health System, which already oversees hospitals in Springfield, Taylorville and Lincoln.
The Passavant Board has agreed to partner with Memorial, pending regulatory approval.

Ed Curtis is Memorial Health System President and CEO.  Curtis says the Affordable Care Act will require more changes among health providers.  "If I could summarize this significant piece of legislation into a sentence, I'd say we are going to treat more people and do it at a substantially lower cost while delivering higher levels of quality."

Memorial Health System could add Passavant to it's roster in the next few months.  Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville 900 full and part time employees and 93 inpatient beds.

Curtis says he sees no problems for those who already use the Jacksonville hospital.  "In think we want to assure the community that it's the same Passavant Area Hospital, the same medical staff, the same employees.  And they are going to continue to get the great care from the physicians they trust in their community.  No changes are expected there," he said.