Lawmakers Send Same Sex Marriage Measure To Governor

Nov 5, 2013

Illinois is set to become the 15th state and largest in the heartland to allow same-sex couples to marry.  
State senators approved technical changes Tuesday to a measure legalizing gay weddings, shortly after a historic favorable vote in the state House. The bill now goes to Gov. Pat Quinn, who has said he'll sign it into law.  
Illinois will start allowing same-sex marriages next summer.  
Fourteen states plus Washington D.C., currently allow same-sex marriage.  
The vote in Illinois came after months of arduous lobbying by gay-rights advocates, but the bill was never called for a House vote earlier this year because the sponsor said there weren't enough votes. Proponents say momentum had been building.  
 Opponents have said marriage should remain between a man and woman. 

Fourteen states plus Washington D.C., allow same-sex marriage. Most recently, New Jersey, Minnesota and Rhode Island have allowed it.