Interview: Columnist Calvin Christian On File Shredding Lawsuit

Jul 21, 2013

Calvin Christian III
Credit Calvin Christian

Calvin Christian has been working since 2010 to make documentation of police officer misconduct more accessible to the public. 

Christian is now suing the City over the premature destruction of public records, including those which detail the embarrassing (and criminal) past of Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher.

In a Sunday evening interview with WUIS, the 22-year-old newspaper columnist asserted he was not the person responsible for the leak of police internal affairs files to local ABC affiliate, WICS Channel 20.

Weeks of scathing news reports targeting the city and the police department culminated Friday in a pointed editorial from the State-Journal Register, calling for a "shake-up at City Hall".  

Mayor Houston told WUIS Friday the editorial contributed to Police Chief Robert Williams' decision to retire, as well as city attorney Mark Cullen's abrupt resignation.

As Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher on Sunday issued a public apology for events in 2008 which have now become public, Peter Gray sat down with Calvin Christian to recap why he sought Buscher's internal affairs files and why he continues to challenge the city in court: