Illinois Lawmaker Convicted Of Bribery

Jun 10, 2014

Rep. Derrick Smith found guilty
Credit Peoria Public Radio

A federal jury in Chicago has convicted Illinois state Rep. Derrick Smith of bribery for taking $7,000 from a purported day care operator.

Jurors returned with their verdict Tuesday after deliberating about four hours over two days.  

At trial, prosecutors played secret recordings of the 50-year-old Chicago Democrat allegedly accepting 70 $100 bills in exchange for a letter supporting a state grant. But it was all part of an FBI sting.  

The recordings of Smith were made by a campaign worker-turned-informant.  

After Smith's arrest, the House voted to expel him. But he was reinstated after his late-2012 election win. He lost his 2014 primary and was supposed to finish his term. However, a conviction means he will lose his seat.