Houston: I'll Start Thinking About Re-Election Next Spring

Sep 4, 2013

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston
Credit City of Springfield

The city of Springfield is still nearly two years away from a mayoral election.  But half-way through a term he had said would be his last, Mike Houston is now hinting at the possibility of re-election.

Mayor Houston says he's not made any decisions about his political future at this time, but he says they may come in sring 2014.

Houston says his decision-making will be likely affected by long-term challenges facing the city, such as road and sewer improvements, consolidation of train traffic and a search for a source of water to supplement Lake Springfield: 


"...Those are some major things that will, in fact, impact the city of Springfield for decades to come - and those are the things I'll be thinking about as we move forward... What I'm indicating is I'll make a decision probably sometime next spring."

 Houston was elected in 2011.  He previously served as mayor from 1979 to 1987.