Head East: 40 Years On

Aug 8, 2013

The 70's lineup for Head East
Credit Head-East.com

The band Head East grew out of central and southern Illinois and made it's way to a major label.  In 1974, Head East recorded Flat As A Pancake at Golden Voice Studios in South Pekin.  They released it on their own label, sold it at shows and the notoriety that followed got them a record deal.  From the highs of playing sold out arenas in the 70's to the end of the original lineup, Head East has remained.

Today, keyboardist Roger Boyd remains the sole original member who plays regularly with the band, although former members still join on stage from time to to time.

The current Head East lineup plays in Ballwin, Mo. earlier this year.
Credit Head-East.com

Head East is back in Springfield this weekend to open for Styx and REO Speedwagon at the Illinois State Fair grandstand on Saturday night.

The original artwork for the initial release of Flat As A Pancake
Credit Head-East.com

Flat As A Pancake was a reference to the flat lands of downstate Illinois, the home of Head East members. 

When Head East was signed to a record deal, the album was released with new cover art.  And the back cover was just as memorable.  Boyd tells the story of how that photo came to be:

The 1975 release of Flat As A Pancake
Credit Head-East.com