Harris Bros. Trials Cost Nearly $1M

Sep 26, 2013

34-year-old Christopher Harris (mugshot following 2009 arrest)
Credit Logan County

The trials of two brothers charged in the 2009 deaths of a Logan County family cost the public roughly $935,000.  

The Bloomington Pantagraph reports the state initially paid defense bills for both Christopher and Jason Harris from the Capital Litigation Trust Fund - more than $500,ooo.

But expenses started going to Logan County taxpayers when the death penalty was abolished in March 2011.

The legal fees went to several lawyers and private investigators.

The Logan County State’s Attorney’s and Illinois Attorney General’s offices prosecuted the cases.

Logan County officials sold revenue bonds to cover its share, which is estimated at $419,000.

Chris Harris was convicted of murder in May and is serving a life sentence.  His younger brother Jason was handed a 20 year term after testifying against his brother.