Governor Changes Concealed Carry Measure

Jul 2, 2013

Gov. Pat Quinn says he wants to change concealed carry legislation because it has ``serious flaws'' and was inspired by the National Rifle Association.  
The Chicago Democrat held a news conference in downtown Chicago on Tuesday to announce that he's using his amendatory veto power to add ammunition limits, bar guns in establishments serving alcohol and says local governments should be able to enact their own local laws in some cases.  
He spoke surrounded by nearly 100 anti-violence advocates, who cheered as he spoke. The crowd included young children and people who've lost family in shootings.  
Quinn says his ``important, common sense changes'' protect public safety.  
Quinn's other changes include more clarification on mental health reporting and stricter definition of ``concealed carry,'' among other things.

Here is what Quinn wants to change:  
 _ ALCOHOL: Guns would be banned from any business where alcohol is served. Currently, the legislation bars guns only from restaurants whose liquor sales amount to less than half of gross sales.  
 _ LOCAL LAWS: Local communities would be able to create their own laws limiting assault weapons.  
 _ SIGNAGE: A person wouldn't be allowed to carry a concealed gun into a business, church or other private property unless the owner displays a sign giving them express permission.  
 _ AT WORK: Employers would be able to enact policies prohibiting workers from carrying concealed weapons on the job or on job-related duties.  
 _ GUNS AND AMMO: Licensed gun owners would only be allowed to carry a single concealed gun and one ammunition clip holding up to 10 rounds.  
 _ MENTAL HEALTH: More clarification would be required to assure that Illinois State Police get mental health records to determine whether a permit applicant could be a threat to themselves or others.  
 _ VISIBILITY: The definition of ``concealed firearm'' would be clarified to remove language that allows people to carry ``mostly concealed'' weapons. Quinn wants guns completely concealed.  
 _ OPEN RECORDS: A Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board would have to follow state open records laws and notify the public about its meetings.  
 _ ALERTING AUTHORITIES: People who have a concealed firearm would immediately have to tell police and public safety officials they're carrying a gun.