Flashing Yellow Arrows Coming To Wabash Ave.

Jun 26, 2014

Credit udot.utah.gov

Traffic signals designed to prevent accidents are being installed on Springfield's west side.

Flashing yellow arrows will display at several intersections along Wabash Avenue, including at the White Oaks mall entrances.
The state Department of Transportation says the arrows have resulted in significant reductions in crashes where they are in place in other areas.  Statistics show intersections account for more than 30 percent of accidents.  

So what does the signal mean?  A flashing yellow arrow allows left hand turns but drivers are required to yield to oncoming traffic.  It can give motorists more time to make the turn. 

Officials say yellow is more effective as it indicates caution, where a flashing green arrow could be confused as giving the go ahead to make the turn.  

Six Wabash Avenue intersections will have the signals, from MacArthur Boulevard to Veteran's Parkway.