Christmas Archives for December 8, 2013

Dec 11, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Sunday... December 8th.   I'm Rich Bradley

December 8th in 1967 was also on a Friday... and in the Illinois State Register... the countdown continues... just 17 shopping days remain before Christmas.  Poinsettia Day is coming up at Lindley's... where you can also find Christmas Decorations of all sorts.  The Boys Club 7th Annual Christmas tree sale is this weekend... and the smell of Balsam and pine are in the sir at the club located at 15th & Monroe streets.   The Lincoln Memorial Garden "Holiday Market" is also taking place this weekend.   The Hal Boyle opinion column outlines some of the obstacles men encounter while trying to find out what to buy the wife... who is only too explicit the rest of the year... but as yuletide approaches... she becomes mysterious and coy.

Good Grief!  The award-winning "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is being broadcast at least twice this weekend... adding warmth to the holidays as the Peanuts Gang searches for the true meaning of Christmas.  It airs on Channels 3... 4... 7... 31... and 49.

Huston's TV Sales & Service's advertisement declares that a Color TV is "tops for Christmas giving."  The Admiral Color TV Consolette has a giant 295-square inch picture!  Easy terms are available... just $4.25 a week. 

And finally... Springfield Postmaster William McElroy predicts a record-breaking year for Christmas mailings.   He is again extending post office hours... on Saturdays and Sundays. 

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Sunday... December 8th.  I'm Rich Bradley.