Christmas Archives --- December 24, 2013

Dec 24, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Tuesday... December 24th.   I'm Rich Bradley...

It's December 24, 1977... and in a special combined publication... the State Journal and the State Register reports the "Friend-in-Deed Fund" completes their deliveries.  Billy Graham's A Family Christmas Special is on WAND tonight.  There are also Christmas services at churches all over the area tonight and tomorrow.

Heloise reminds readers to RELAX... It's Christmas Eve.

An ad for Sangamon State's WSSR lists the radio station's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day programming... featuring local music of the season from area school performances. 

Ice skating lessons are still being offered at the Nelson Center... Six area citizens are asked to recall their holiday memories.:  Bob McGuffin of the Spfld Housing Authority; The “voice of Landmark Ford,” Jim Westman;  Bishop McNicholas of the Springfield Dioces; Phil Wagner of tha Lincoln Trail Foundation;  Willard Bunn... President of Springfield Marine Bank; And concert promoter Len Trumper.

And we take a peek inside the mailbox at the North Pole to see several letters written to Santa asking for a real live kitten... a play house... boxing gloves... Mickey Mouse toys... a Miami Dolphins helmet and so on.  Most kids also asked Mrs. Claus to reminded Santa that they were good and would leave cookies for him.

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Tuesday... December 24th.  I'm Rich Bradley.