Christmas Archives --- December 23, 2013

Dec 23, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Monday... December 23rd.   I'm Rich Bradley

It's December 23, 1980... and from the Illinois State Journal-Register... Eight delivery trucks... and 1 station wagon... full of food... clothing... and toys are on the road today for the Friend in Deed Funds.

Dennis the Menace explains to a buddy that you... “don't just hang up any old sock... it has to be a STRETCH sock.”  About 90 children from Owen Marsh Elementary School visited the residents of Haven Convalescent Center to sing carols and pass out gifts.  They are pictured on page-7... along with resident Carl Kaehirt dressed in his Santa suit.

Erma Bombeck... with her usual dry wit... tells of her bah-humbug husband coming home with arms full of Christmas packages... for himself.  She debates making him return all the identical items she has under the tree for him... versus returning him for another husband to go with those gifts!

Marshall Moore's home on Mechanicsburg Rd. was featured in the State Journal-Register this past weekend for his holiday decorations... a holiday attraction for more than 14 years.  But several near accidents caused the Sheriff's office to shut down the lights last night.  A compromise was reached this morning... the 1,000 lights... large star... Santa display and nativity scene will be lit again tonight... while police keep a close eye on the on-lookers.

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Monday... December 23rd.  I'm Rich Bradley.