Christmas Archives --- December 20, 2013

Dec 20, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Friday... December 20th.   I'm Rich Bradley...

And... on this day in 1971... the Illinois State Journal reports that Springfield clergymen are concerned that Christmas has become a social festival... rather than a holy celebration event.  Page 11 includes these view-points:  Some feel there is a religious-revival going on... citing social conditions... causing people to turn to God.  Others feel it has become over-commercialized and materialistic.  Still others feel it has become about family and tradition... though not necessarily a religious tradition.

Veterans of AMVET Post 61 play Santa this weekend to kids from Carlinville's Peaceful Valley Home.  The Past Matron's Club of Hillsboro hosts their Christmas dinner today at the Dutch Mill... and the Mt. Clare Carrolers will be out singing tonight and ask that residents turn porch lights on to welcome them.

In mid-week is the Trinity Lutheran School and Sunday school Christmas service... including the telling of the Christmas story in a narrated filmstrip.

A single frame comic near the back portrays a wealthy couple purchasing a Christmas tree off a lot and having it loaded by their chauffer... while a poorer couple bemoans the lack of a scrawny selection.  The caption explains that the “upper-crusts” are easy to please... and nothing suits the “have-nots from tobacco road.”

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Friday... December 20th.  I'm Rich Bradley.