Christmas Archives for December 16, 2013

Dec 16, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Monday... December 16th.   I'm Rich Bradley

On December 16th in 1969... the Illinois State Register reports a 6-part Christmas series begins tomorrow... The Christmas Story of Herod the Great... King of Judea... when Jesus was born... presented in its total background of human history.

City-wide coupons are printed in preparation for Springfield's Coupon Day tomorrow!  Special savings can be found at local businesses like Kentucky Fried Chicken... Cozy Dog Drive-In... the Springfield Mass Transit District... Osco Drugs... and many more.

Just 8 shopping days left... Woolco's-own clothing brand “Lady Deeds” has polyester pants on sale for under $6... Sally Ward has swapped out their usual offering of a stuffed animal for an inflatable this year... with your dry cleaning order of $3.50 or more.  Rings, Rings, Rings... tied up with ribbons & bows from Kay's Jewelers... start at $19.95... and a large ad deep in the paper declares “The world's most popular Christmas Club” is Canadian Club whiskey.

The 1st Presbyterian Church is performing the Christmas portion of Handel's “Messiah” on Sunday.  Other Christmas concerts... parties and programs are being held in the coming days all around Springfield... in Chatham... in Riverton... and in most other smaller communities.

A few children's holiday films are showing in Illiopolis on Saturday... including “The Shoemaker and the Elves”... and “A Christmas Visitor.”

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Monday... December 16th.  I'm Rich Bradley.