Christmas Archives for December 13, 2013

Dec 13, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Friday... December 13th.   I'm Rich Bradley

On December 13th in 1968... on the front page of the Illinois State Register... a large photo of a Fairview kindergartener with her mom's Christmas present.  Don't tell Patty Thrasher though…. the tin can with lots of macaroni & glue is a surprise!   There is also a photo of kids at Butler School in the role of Santa's Helpers... collecting toys in one of the many barrels throughout Springfield.  Friend -in-deed has received more than $800 so far...

Also on the front page... Woolworth's is closing its doors... for good... at 5pm on Christmas Eve.  Fixtures will be auctioned off January 2nd.

Pine roping is available at Buckley's for 49-cents a yard... while Lindley's is offering poinsettias for just 98-cents apiece.  

The annual Christmas program by the Copper Coin Regional Ballet & the Lanphier Choral group will be in the Centennial Building.  Sunday brings the Christmas Story in Scripture & Song... by the Chancel Youth & Wesley Choirs in the Laurel United Methodist Church... and the annual Christmas program by the Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church is... “The Characters of Christmas Speak.”

And there is an ad by the Marine Bank... offering a new savings account... with a deposit of just $10.  You will also receive a new RCA Victor record of Christmas carols & classics.

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Friday... December 13th.  I'm Rich Bradley.