Christmas Archives for December 1, 2013

Dec 11, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives for Sunday... December 1st.  I'm Rich Bradley. 

In 1960... on the first of December... a Thursday.  The Illinois State Register reports there are 20 shopping days until Christmas.  The Register also reports the first annual Springfield Home Christmas Lighting Contest will be held... with the judging to begin at 5 pm on December 19th.  Prizes of a $25 U-S Savings Bond will be awarded in 4 regions of the city:  The NW... NE... SW... and SE.

Letters to the Editor reflect a Springfield resident's desire to return to the traditional use of “Christmas"... rather than “x-mas”... a reader writes that a 65-foot tall Christmas tree... like New York City has... should be erected on the County courthouse lawn.   It would be an asset to the city.  An editor's foot note adds that while no 65-footer... a Christmas tree has been put up on the Courthouse grounds... and decorated. 

Members of the St. John's Hospital Guild are planning their Tinsel Dinner Dance... to be held on December 28th.. at the Lake Club.

On page 36... there is a photo of a sign being set along the roadside in Springfield.   It encourages drivers to be safe on the road... and reads... “Keep Christmas In Your Driving.”  Another photo shows Jill Strockbarger and Michael Ryan hanging their stockings by the YMCA fireplace... while practicing for the “Hanging of the Greens” event.

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives... for this day... in 1960.  I'm Rich Bradley.