Candidate Interview: Paul Palazzolo Says Springfield Should Target Growth

Aug 11, 2014

Paul Palazzolo

It won't happen until 2015.  But the race for Springfield mayor is on.  So far, three candidates have announced they will seek the office.  Among them, the Sangamon County Auditor Paul Palazzolo.  He says if he's elected,  a major focus will be on growing the population. 

He says the city's medical district and other assets could help him reach his goal.  His target is to boost the number of residents from the current 117-thousand up to 124-thousand by the end of the decade.  

"If we don't have a goal, a vision,  of where we can be in the city of Springfield, we'll continue to be stagnant. Our slogan for our campaign is "Believe in Springfield". With those words, perhaps we can get people in our city to feel positive again," Palazzolo said.

Palazzolo is the current Sangamon County Auditor and one of three candidates who have announced a bid for mayor.  The others include incumbent Mike Houston and City Treasurer Jim Langfelder.