Buy American Sections Required at State Parks & Historic Sites

Aug 26, 2014


State parks and historic sites now have to set up an "American Made" section in their gift shops.  

Governor Pat Quinn signed  into law this week a measure that is supposed to increase the number of American and Illinois-made goods state facilities sell.    Illinois has, in recent years, put special emphasis on promoting domestic products, especially those from in-state.

The law requires a number of state sites to have a special booth or section  specially for  American made items.   It applies to the Illinois State Museum,  the gift shops and concession areas of state parks and  state memorials and historic preservation locations.     It's part of legislation which sets up a statewide panel that the law calls "The Support Your Neighbor Commission".

That panel is to include representatives of business and labor to promote the products  That group is to get started early next year and issue an annual report of its progress.