Barn At Clayville Site To Become Pioneer Agriculture Museum

Jul 19, 2013

Purvines Ancestors Barn
Credit Pleasant Plains Historical Society

Volunteers who help at the Clayville Historic Site outside of Springfield have a new use for an old barn that's been preserved by a family with strong ties to Sangamon County.

They're inviting the public to Clayville Sunday to learn more about the effort to put together a Pioneer Agriculture Museum in the Purvines Ancestors Barn. 

Jerry Smith of the Pleasant Plains Historical Society and Doris Hamel - descendant of the Purvines family - joined Peter Gray on Illinois Edition to talk about the project:

Hamel will receive a Centennial Farm award as a part of Sunday's events at the Clayville site, which start at 2:30 pm. (click here to visit the site's Facebook page)

Extended Interview: Jerry Smith and Doris Hamel talk further about their ancestors' ties to area