Audit Finds State Computers Missing

Aug 7, 2013

Illinois' prison systems have misplaced $200,000 of computer equipment.  As Amanda Vinicky reports, the state's auditor general says that poses security risks. 

105 laptops are missing from the Illinois Department of Corrections - plus an additional 51 desktops.

According to a new audit,there's a risk confidential information stored on the computers could be exposed.

But D.O.C. spokesman Tom Shaer says that's not likely.

"We don't believe that these computers are laying around somewhere compromising security."

Shaer says per the audit's recommendation, the department is working to track them down.

"We'll show, we believe, that these computers are either still in inventory and possibly service.  Or were properly wiped clean, no security risk with information, and were discarded or properly disposed of.  We just didn't complete the paperwork due to human error during a time when the department was short-staffed.  And it still is short-staffed."

The Department of Juvenile Justice - which is separate from Corrections - also has problems with inventory control.

It's unable to locate 54 computers worth nearly $50,000.

I'm Amanda Vinicky.