ALPLM Legislation Won't Be Called For Senate Vote This Spring

May 30, 2014

Credit ALPLM

Any change in oversight for the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will have to wait.   Legislation that would have taken the facility away from the authority of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has stalled in the Illinois Senate.  

Rikeesha Phelon, a spokesperson for the Senate President, says the measure won't be called this spring.  This decision comes after calls for more study.  The plan could be revived in the fall session, following the election later this year.

House Speaker Michael Madigan introduced the legislation late in the session.  It has passed the House. Madigan argued the state agency is making it difficult to hire and acquire artifacts.  

The chair of the Historic Preservation Agency Board earlier this week said members were "blindsided" by the proposal and urged a delay in any action.