Alderman to Propose COLA Cuts for Non-Union Employees Again

Mar 3, 2014

During the last two Springfield City Council meetings one alderman proposed shifting the responsibility of who gives pay raises to non-union employees.  But his colleagues have refused to go along.


     Currently, Springfield's mayor decides the cost of living adjustments.  For the past three years, it has been 3 percent.   But Ward Seven Alderman Joe McMenamin wants the council to have that responsibility.  This year's budget limits that COLA to 2 percent.       McMenamin says the city is recklessly spending money.
    "And we're really borrowing money from our pensions to pay current employees so that later on they can get their pension on a higher salary base."

    McMenamin and the City's Budget Director disagree about how much the increases are costing taxpayers.   

    McMenamin says he plans on introducing his ordinance for a third time.   Union employees pay hikes are spelled out in their contracts.  About 25 percent of the city workforce is non-union.