Jim Huston

Lincoln Library Concert Host

A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jim played in orchestras up to his beginning years in college starting with cornet and later violin. He went to Indiana University, got his degree in librarianship and now works as a reference librarian for Lincoln Library, the public library of Springfield. His dedication to this program has stretched over 35 years due to a passion for classical music. Jim also enjoys bicycling to work and for pleasure: reading, traveling, gardening, and trying to cook. He gives tours at the Dana Thomas House once a month. He has been a member of the selection committee for the Springfield Art Association film festival for many years. He also writes the newsletter for Hawthorne Place, one of the older planned neighborhoods of Springfield.

The Lincoln Library Concert

The Lincoln Library Concert, Jim promotes the classical music and new books anyone can find at Lincoln Library and through its interlibrary services.

The Lincoln Library Concert is unique because Jim makes his musical selections based on a theme. The themes of his show may feature a particular composer, an era or style of composition, a genre, or music that may be associated with a holiday.The show has been broadcast since WUIS' first week on the air in 1975. Jim is a volunteer with WUIS; he was encouraged to start doing this show due to his love of music. Interestingly, he had no experience in radio when he began.