Harvest Desk
2:06 pm
Thu March 20, 2014

Harvest Blog: Certified Organic Food Sector Growing

Credit ams.usda.gov

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday announced new data on certified organic food, showing the industry grew just over four percent in 2013, with a record breaking 18,513 farms and businesses in the United States.

Certified organic food has seen a 245 percent increase since 2002, according to the Agricultural Marketing Service's National Organic Program.  Last year the federal government certified 763 producers.  

The following is from USDA: 

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Let's Talk Kids
10:59 am
Thu March 20, 2014

Don’t Make Assumptions

The third of don Miguel Ruiz’ “Four Agreements” sounds simple enough:  Don't Make Assumptions.  But the application of this to living with children is not so easy.

When we make assumptions it’s because we believe we know what others are thinking and feeling. When it comes to our children, we blindly assume their lives will mirror our own.   “Of course you love Brussel sprouts!  Everyone in our family loves Brussel sprouts!”

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Minimum wage debate
9:45 am
Thu March 20, 2014

Gov. Quinn Shops The Gap To Promote Raising Minimum Wage

Gov. Pat Quinn shops at the downtown Chicago location of The Gap to promote raising the minimum wage in Illinois.
Credit Amanda Vinicky/WUIS

  As legislators who'll have to vote on a minimum wage increase began debating the issue in Springfield, Governor Pat Quinn was in Chicago promoting it.

Gov. Quinn has been relentless, lately, about increasing Illinois' minimum wage up from $8.25.

His latest push involved going shopping at The Gap for gifts for his nieces. He invited the media to witness it.

Quinn paid $77.49 — cash — for three sweaters.

The Gap's moving to pay its employees $10 an hour. Quinn says Illinois should follow that example.

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4:28 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Rep. Farnham Steps Down; Cites Health Reasons

Rep. Keith Farnham

A day after the primary race, a member of the Illinois House has stepped down.  The legislator is under federal scrutiny.

Representative Keith Farnham, a Democrat from Elgin, gave no reason in his one-sentence resignation letter.

But in a statement, Farnham says he has been battling serious health issues for years, and in coming months those health issues will require his full attention. 

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Election 2014
3:30 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Could Governor Candidates Spend $100 Million?

Credit flickr/BevandSteve

Political experts anticipate the Illinois gubernatorial candidates could spend more than 100 million dollars in the next eight months.

University of Illinois Springfield political science Professor Kent Redfield says Republican nominee Bruce Rauner and incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn should attract big money from donors both in- and out of Illinois.

"It’s both a contest between these two people and the interests of the state of Illinois but it’s also drawing a national conflict involving labor and big business," he said.

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Election 2014
12:57 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Fresh From Win, Candidate Bruce Rauner Backs Off Government Union Rhetoric

Credit Amanda Vinicky/WUIS

  Now that he's the Republicans nominee, it seems like Bruce Rauner is backing away from a campaign mantra.

During the primary race, Rauner consistently repeated these three words:

"Government union bosses."

But that wasn't part of his victory speech Tuesday night. Nor did he single out unions at the GOP's unity lunch the next morning. Rather, Rauner seemed to be trying to make nice with labor.

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District 186
8:00 am
Wed March 19, 2014

District 186 Identifies Individuals Who Could Lose Jobs

 The Springfield school board had earlier approved the reduction of over 40 positions for next school year. On Monday the board identified which specific workers may be without a job as a result. Dave Heinzel is one of them. The board voted to give him what's called a reduction in force notice. He oversees media production - and helps keep the district website up and running.

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Election 2014
4:04 am
Wed March 19, 2014

Rauner, Quinn Chart Course For Conflict

Republican Bruce Rauner will take on Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in this fall's election.
Credit Brian Mackey/WUIS

The election returns in yesterday’s Illinois primary were not even in before the candidates for governor started attacking each other. Republicans chose wealthy investor Bruce Rauner to take on Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn. Brian Mackey looks at the surprisingly close election results, and what’s ahead for the campaign.

Rauner spent millions more dollars than all his rivals combined, and had huge leads in the polls. But in the end, he only won by three percentage points. Of course, a victory is still a victory.

RAUNER: “Let’s get ‘em! Let’s get ‘em!”

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12:20 am
Wed March 19, 2014

Wes Barr Wins Primary For Sangamon County Sheriff

Credit facebook.com/wesbarr2014

The Republican primary for Sangamon County sheriff went to former sheriff’s lieutenant Wes Barr.

Barr retired from the department last year and soon after announced he would run to replace the outgoing sheriff Neil Williamson, who has held the job for over 20 years. But Williamson backed his undersheriff Jack Campbell.

The race seemed to split the Republican party establishment in Sangamon County.  Both received key endorsements. The candidates also sparred over issues such as the department’s taser policy, which Barr criticized and Campbell defended.

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