Taylorville http://wuis.org en NTSB Report On Taylorville Plane Crash Nearly Done http://wuis.org/post/ntsb-report-taylorville-plane-crash-nearly-done <p>A detailed report on a fatal central Illinois plane crash could be ready soon, more than 18 months after a dozen skydivers jumped from the aircraft just before it went down.<br />&nbsp;<br />The August 2012 crash in Taylorville killed pilot Brandon Sparrow, who stayed<br />at the controls when the twin-engine plane stalled and began to roll. It took a<br />steep dive and crashed just yards from an occupied home.<br />&nbsp;<br />Tom Latson is an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. He Fri, 04 Apr 2014 16:43:53 +0000 Associated Press 22325 at http://wuis.org NTSB Report On Taylorville Plane Crash Nearly Done Christian County Considers New Jail http://wuis.org/post/christian-county-considers-new-jail <p>Christian County officials say they may need a new jail to replace an aging facility that's often overcrowded and has a bad roof and leaking pipes. &nbsp;<br>The jail in Taylorville was built in 1975 and was originally designed to hold about two dozen inmates. It's since been updated, but some weekends has as many as 60 inmates. When it's that crowded, some inmates have to sleep on the floor on mats. &nbsp;<br>Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp says the prison is ``busting at the seams.'' &nbsp; Mon, 02 Sep 2013 10:06:01 +0000 Sean Crawford 8224 at http://wuis.org Christian County Considers New Jail