Quinshaunta Golden http://wuis.org en Whitaker Denies Involvement In Kickback Scheme http://wuis.org/post/whitaker-denies-involvement-kickback-scheme <p>The former head of Illinois' Department of Public Health says he ``was not involved in any way'' with alleged illegal activities of his longtime chief of staff. &nbsp;<br>In an indictment released this week, authorities accuse Quinshaunta Golden. They say she accepted $433,000 in kickbacks for steering grant and contract money to various groups around the time she worked for Eric E. Whitaker at the agency. &nbsp;<br>Prosecutors have never accused Whitaker of wrongdoing. &nbsp; Fri, 09 Aug 2013 21:58:07 +0000 Sean Crawford 7074 at http://wuis.org Whitaker Denies Involvement In Kickback Scheme