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Amanda Vinicky/WUIS

Why It Looks Like A Strike Could Be On The Horizon

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's office appears to be preparing in case there's a strike. The state's contract with its largest public employees' union, AFSCME, expires on June 30, when the state's fiscal year ends.
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Embattled FIFA President Sepp Blatter is speaking at the beginning of the 65th Congress of soccer's worldwide governing body. Blatter faces a reelection vote Friday, in the face of new corruption and bribery charges against senior members of FIFA.

"These are unprecedented and difficult times for FIFA," Blatter said. "The events of yesterday have cast a long shadow over football and over this league's congress."

It was a somber opening to FIFA's meeting of international sporting bodies, an assembly that was celebrated with flag-bearers and other pageantry.

The nationwide weirdness that was the Windshield-Pitting Mystery began in the spring of 1954. Looking back at the events today may give us a window – ok, a windshield – on the make-up and the mindset of mid-20th century America.

Even though its predictions call for a below-normal Atlantic hurricane season with 6 to 11 named storms this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says strong and devastating storms remain a possibility.

From NOAA:

Dusty Rhodes / WUIS/Illinois Issues

A plan awaiting Governor Bruce Rauner's signature would overhaul the way schools handle discipline. We wanted to meet some of the young activists behind the legislation. 

Today on Code Switch, writer and critic Roxane Gay, who's a favorite of ours, writes about the problem of all-white recommended readings lists.

**Viewer Advisory: The above video contains profanity**

One day after a string of bribery arrests and indictments was revealed to center on FIFA, the soccer organization's president, Sepp Blatter, says he will not resign. Accusations of rampant corruption at FIFA emerged just two days before Blatter is set to stand for re-election.

Red Molly On Mountain Stage

2 hours ago

Red Molly makes its second appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live on the grounds of West Virginia's State Capitol. Built around the buoyant three-part harmonies of Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner and Molly Venter, Red Molly has won over audiences and critics with solid songwriting and a relentless touring schedule. Its music has spent weeks atop folk and Americana radio charts; Red Molly's latest, The Red Album, was no exception.

The Gibson Brothers On Mountain Stage

2 hours ago

The Gibson Brothers appear on Mountain Stage, recorded live in Charleston, W.Va. Since they emerged in the mid-1990s, Leigh and Eric Gibson have won nearly every award and accolade bluegrass has to offer, including back-to-back Entertainer Of The Year and Vocal Group Of The Year awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association.

The colonoscopy: It may be the most dreaded screening test out there, and it's the next step in KQED's PriceCheck project.


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Past Due: What's Up With The Budget Bills?

Democrats are going it alone on the budget and the bills are flying. How can you keep track of all the budget legislation out there? By using this handy list.
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Amanda Vinicky/WUIS

University Presidents Lobby State Lawmakers As Budget Heats Up

Heavyweights from each of Illinois' public universities gathered for a rare meeting at the state Capitol yesterday. It's thought to be the first time leaders from all nine state schools have collectively met with the governor's office and the leaders in the General Assembly.
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Illinois Edition at Noon and 7 PM

Helping Kids In Foster Care Track Their History

Lacy is eight years old, though that’s not her real name. Lacy’s adoptive mom, Rebecca McClintock, asked us to disguise her daughter’s identity because we’re going to be talking about her past, and a lot of it is painful.
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Illinois Issues-WUIS

Past Due: What's Up With The Budget Bills?

Democrats are going it alone on the budget and the bills are flying. How can you keep track of all the budget legislation out there? By using this handy list.
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Claudia Quigg headshot / WUIS / Illinois Issues

Let's Talk Kids - "Just Ask"

Illinois Issues

Brass rail outside the Governor's office
Amanda Vinicky / WUIS/Illinois Issues

Power Players – Who’s In And Who’s Out When It Comes To Lobbying The New Governor

The pink slips started coming in January. Employees hired at Democrats’ discretion over the past dozen years were losing their state jobs — an early rattle in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s promised “shakeup” of state government, accompanied by other corresponding rattles, including waves of appointments naming Republicans to take the ousted workers’ places.
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State Week

State Week logo with capitol dome
Brian Mackey / WUIS - Illinois Issues

State Week: Gov & Dems Bicker on Budget - May 22, 2015

As the May 31st deadline for passing a new budget looms, Governor Rauner and the Legislature continue to bicker. John O'Connor of the Associated Press joins the panel this week.
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