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Mission Control: New Schedule Starts

Recent program cuts necessitate the movement of some programs to replace what was broadcast. Additionally, the listener survey indicates some programs may benefit from new time slots.
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Pope Francis is making his first visit as pontiff to Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

Francis landed in Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday and was welcomed by hundreds of thousands. The New York Times reports:

First Listen: 'Nina Revisited... A Tribute to Nina Simone'

2 hours ago

In 1969, Nina Simone told Ebony Magazine, "I hope the day comes when I will be able to sing more love songs, when the need is not quite so urgent to sing protest songs. But for now, I don't mind."

Greece and its European Union partners are beginning to sort out what's next, after the country voted en masse to reject a German-led bailout plan that would have given the country more credit to pay its debt in exchange for tough austerity measures.

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Editor's Note: We've reported on the crushing burden of student debt in the U.S., and the challenges of finding financial aid, but one area we haven't followed much is the growing number of students seeking alternatives outside the U.S.

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Politics In The News: Iran Nuclear Talks

4 hours ago
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State Week

State Week: How Quickly Will State Government Grind to a Halt?

Fiscal year 2016 is upon us and Illinois still doesn’t have a budget. Will Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner ever reach an agreement with legislative Democrats? How quickly will state government grind to a halt? And who will take the blame?
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U.S. Government

Blagojevich - Rauner Parallels

Here we are, rapidly approaching the Fourth of July, and we are still talking about legislative battles, a governor picking a fight with the speaker, and Illinois heading toward a new fiscal year without a budget in place. Sound familiar?
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Illinois Edition at Noon and 7 PM

Illinois State Museum in Springfield
Lisa Ryan / WUIS - Illinois Issues

Grassroots Efforts To Keep State Museum Open

Almost 7,000 people on Facebook have "liked" a page titled 'Save the Illinois State Museum.' Supporters have planned a rally for July 21st.
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Nationwide Crime Spike Has Law Enforcement Retooling Its Approach

Crime in America may be on the rise again. It's too early to talk about a national trend, but there have been troubling spikes in shootings and murders in big cities such as New York, Baltimore and Los Angeles.Until recently, crime decreased steadily for two decades, and the national murder rate is half what it was in the early 1990s — so police departments are under pressure to crack down. But at the same time, their tactics are under more scrutiny from the public, and they have to be...
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The Top Words Of Wisdom For New Graduates

I've had this phrase running through my head since we started updating our Commencement Speeches database a few weeks ago: "If you're too big for a small job, you're too small for a big job."Who said that? It was Katie Couric at American University last year.Who knew that a commencement address could get stuck in your head? Well, the best of these speeches have a lot in common with a great pop song. They are simple, emotional, and pack a universal message into just a few words.I remember...
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Illinois Issues


Women, Prison And Mental Health – State Deals With A Troubled Population In Its Corrections System

ILLINOIS ISSUES - Idatyna Zarecky was sexually abused as a child, which she believes led to her developing mental health problems. Her mother didn’t have the time or resources to have her treated and would give her medication to calm her nerves.
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